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Surviving the chicken nugget phase

Let's talk about one of the most important things in our kids lives ... chicken nuggets! 🍗🤤

Now, you might be wondering what chicken nuggets have to do with autism & that's such a great question but let's face facts here. These bad boys have a way to break through all sen issues & create happiness, they are worth their weight in gold!

As someone who's worked with kids on the spectrum, & as a a parent, I've seen first hand chicken nuggets are more than just a tasty treat, they're a staple that provides comfort & familiarity in a world that often feels overwhelming.

For some, that might mean having chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner (hey, no judgment here! 😉) what ever gets you through the day.

Retraining their taste buds is a tricky undertaking especially if your child has other sensory issues around textures and tastes but it is possible to overcome and make remarkable progress. An OT and BCBA may be able to help but if you would like to know about how we tackled and overcame the tight grip of nugget land please feel free to reach out and ask. Our kids now eat everything we serve. They may not like pumpkin but it gets eaten, no fuss.

So if you feel lost in chicken nugget land it's important to remember this phase will pass. When it does you will find yourself thinking back (true, there will be groans and eye rolls but that's ok) & smiling. This really is a beautiful age.

So whether it's chicken nuggets, a comfort toy or a specific routine your child is stuck on like glue, let's make sure we're doing our best to support and empower them and the struggles they are meeting head on every day. They are strong, resilient, amazing kids and if they need chicken nuggets to get through the day, the more power to them I say.

What more could we possibly need in life? 🙌

Now, let's share this post an😂😂😂d spread the laughs, love and support for our amazing autism community! ❤️

Have a fantastic week.

Cheerio Jo @asdtools_app

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