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Department of Education

Western Australia

ASD TOOLS has been selected as the go-to Autism support app for all classrooms throughout Western Australia.

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The AppStore

Top Educational Apps

ASD TOOLS has been

featured several times

in the AppStore's
Top Educational Apps list.
Los Angeles

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Unified School District

ASD Tools is used extensively

by teachers, intervention aides

& counsellors throughout the

Los Angeles school district.

Just a few of our adoring fans

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About the ASDTOOLS app

At our core ASD TOOLS has been created thanks to the input of parents, early intervention therapists, special eduction teachers, schools, Specialists and GPs, world renowned Autism leaders, OT, SLP and BCBA.


Together we have helped to fine tune and streamline the strategies inside which amplifies the effectiveness of traditional physical aides and their limitations.  What this means is that you can do things much faster in the app than you can do using physical boards and communication cards.

All my work is based upon current EVIDENCE BASED systems, that gently support your child, helping them feel safe and motivated to learn.  We have selected techniques and tools that have fast results and have globally proven results supporting them.


ASD TOOLS keeps improving because of the evolving techniques and knowledge in Autism supports along with research and feedback from our sounding board and users.

#ASD_Tools empowers teachers, therapists and parents alike in facilitating structured, positive communication and growth with our safe, engaging structure allowing kids to challenge themselves in the safety net of predictability.

ASD TOOLS has been developed from the demonstrated and clinically proven structure and toolset Therapists use everyday.  This structure is the safetynet neurodiverse kids thrive within because it helps make the day predictable for them, it teaches them in a way they can comprehend, transitioning smoothly from one activity to the next and motivates and rewards them for their effort.

The app acts like training wheels for a bike. It's their safetynet to learn new strategies and master them while being gently guided, at their own pace, they learn new skills without the fear of failure. This is a proven system which will grow with your child for many years, supporting them as much or as little as they need at their level until they no longer need support. 

ASD TOOLS helps you to help them streamline their day, focus on what needs to be focused on so that they can learn, regain their lost ground and have an easier brighter future.

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