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Keep them motivated to learn more with reward charts. 

The more you want to see a specific behaviour, the more you should reward it.  A reward chart, when used consistently, positively reinforces this behaviour. 
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Creating charts

Create a chart for any number of kids, goals, and behavior.

The key to motivation is to be consistent with noticing their effort, rewarding it with a token and when complete giving them their reward immediately.

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Behavior is the goal

Focus on the behavior you want to  see more of in the future.  Create the chart with your child, select an image for the focus and let your child help you identify what they want for their reward. 

Child Doing Art Activity
Make it achievable

For these charts to work, your child needs to know they can reach that goal and their effort is worth it. Make the tokens very achievable in the beginning, and be consistent with rewarding them so they understand. As time progresses, you can start to extend expectations.



ASD TOOLS app is a platform created by Jo Kelly, a passionate Other. With a background in design, technology and a love for helping kids with Autism, Jo aims to provide users with the best tools and resources to enhance their child's future. Through ASD TOOLS channel on YouTube Jo shares her expertise and knowledge to help your child reach their potential using proven strategies and structured supports available within the ASD TOOLS. Join us on this journey of discover the power of ASD TOOLS app.

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