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No doubt about it; kids, especially those on the spectrum, startle easily.  Our timers help you avoid the fright, fight and flight response by giving you a range of low startle alarms and a world first IN TIMER AUDIO.

It's a game changer and I can't wait for you to try it.

Visual timers are everywhere in the app, they can be accessed in every tool because they are a great way to provide structure for completing a task, timeboxing a transition or giving a free play device time as a reward.
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5 timers styles

If you're a fan of the TimeTimer you're going to love ours as it's even more versatile. You have the options of circular, stopwatch, bar, Lego and digital timers are also included.


Set a time that works for your child from 0:01 second through to 99:99.

Pinwheel Kids
Count direction

Count direction is so important for some kids so our lets you count up or down.

Reducing the fright, fight & flight

In-timer audio

This is a world first in timers and it works a treat! The audio plays only for the duration of the timer. When the timer ends, the audio stops and this silence creates a natural break, where kids stop and look up. Transitioning to the next task is so easy at this point.

Low startle alarms

The app comes with a huge variety of low startle audio for in-timer audio and alarms. Finding the sounds your child enjoys is easy. Audio is divided into 4 categories.  Tap any audio to hear a preview. Tap the heart to create your own list of favorites.

Vibrate alarm

The vibrate alarm is an autism app first.  This option is a fantastic feature for a quiet alarm, or for when you are benchmarking your child's progress, with discrete trials.



ASD TOOLS app is a platform created by Jo Kelly, a passionate Other. With a background in design, technology and a love for helping kids with Autism, Jo aims to provide users with the best tools and resources to enhance their child's future. Through ASD TOOLS channel on YouTube Jo shares her expertise and knowledge to help your child reach their potential using proven strategies and structured supports available within the ASD TOOLS. Join us on this journey of discover the power of ASD TOOLS app.

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