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Choice boards are COMING SOON to the ASDTOOLS app.
Choice boards are a form of visual support, which is a successful
evidence-based practice for kids on the Spectrum.

They support kids in learning to make independent choices and helps to unblock kids by providing them with "safe" options to select from.
Ice Cream with Candy
Provide safe options

Use the in app camera or image library to build a choice boards to help your child learn to make their own decisions all within the safety net of known, safe options.

Colorful Popsicles
Several board sizes

Minimal choices are fantastic when starting or when your child is feeling overwhelmed.  The calmer and more experienced they are, the more options can be added.

Three Ice Cream Cones
Use it to unblock your child

Great for teaching emotions ie "How do you feel", presenting suitable menu options when eating out, wet weather day choices, reward choices ... the versatility and uses for these board is so useful for everyone.



ASD TOOLS app is a platform created by Jo Kelly, a passionate parent. With a background in design, technology and a love for helping kids with Autism, Jo aims to provide carers with the best tools and resources to enhance their child's future. Through ASD TOOLS channel on YouTube Jo shares her expertise and knowledge to help your child reach their potential using proven strategies and structured supports available within the ASD TOOLS. Join us on this journey of discover the power of ASD TOOLS app.

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