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A visual schedule is a tool that gives the child information about what is happening, the sequence of events, what changes may be occurring, or when it is time to stop an activity and move on to another. A visual schedule may include objects, pictures, and/or written words.
Break down any task

Identify a skill or routine you want to focus on your child mastering. Breakdown the activity into steps. Choose a suitable visual size for their developmental level and mood.  If they are overwhelmed show only 1 image at a time, if they are calm and in a state of mind to be able to take in more info, use the 3 or more images per view.

Use your own photos or ours

Use the in-app camera to quickly take a photo and use it instantly. For children, photographs are much more meaningful than communication cards as they can easily associate a photo with the real thing.  This is even more powerful if it's a photo of the object they have in front of them. 

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Create ahead of time

Create the core of your visual schedules ahead of time.  This will free up your time, allowing you to be agile and in the moment with your child and will reduce stress for you both.



ASD TOOLS is an app created by Jo Kelly, a passionate parent. With a background in design, technology and a love for helping kids with autism, Jo aims to provide carers with the best tools and resources to enhance their child's future. Through the ASD TOOLS YouTube channel, Jo shares her expertise and knowledge to help your child reach their potential using proven strategies and structured supports available within ASD TOOLS.


Join us on this journey to discover the power of ASD TOOLS.

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