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Moving from one activity to the next is easy when you use First Then. It's a visual support designed to provide positive behavioral structure which can timebox tricky transitions

FIRST is the activity to be completed before they move on to the next activity.  It could be something like that on then play outside or first pack away then device time. In this example let's say it's wash hands.

Image by Nas Mato

This is your transition point. You need it to be an option they want to move onto.  


Ideally, it should be an activity or item they can't always have but want.  In this case let's say it's a treat like ice cream.

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If your child is locked into an activity and either doesn't want to or can't find an exit for it, a timer is a very handy option to time limit the first activity OR to timebox the transition to the next.  You will find the timer in the bottom menu.



ASD TOOLS app is a platform created by Jo Kelly, a passionate Other. With a background in design, technology and a love for helping kids with Autism, Jo aims to provide users with the best tools and resources to enhance their child's future. Through ASD TOOLS channel on YouTube Jo shares her expertise and knowledge to help your child reach their potential using proven strategies and structured supports available within the ASD TOOLS. Join us on this journey of discover the power of ASD TOOLS app.

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