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Dodge Autism FOMO

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Speaking as a parent, none of us wished for this experience for ourselves or our kids. It’s such an incredibly tough path we have to walk everyday.

Speaking as a parent, none of us wished for a child with autism for our kids or ourselves.

It’s such an incredibly tough path we have to walk everyday. It's full of bear pits and dead ends but we walk it without thought for ourselves but focus on our kids, what they need & what will help them.


The emotional turmoil is real & I cannot deny that there is a strong sense of loss, emotional, mental, physical hardships & FOMO.


This is not the parenting journey we thought we were going to have ... it doesn't say we don't love our kids or that we want to change them, it just means we need to take our rose coloured glasses off and see our parenting journey for what it is .... heroic.

Heroic for helping our kids to endure struggle after struggle, isolation, fighting for their rights to be acceptance and integration into society.

As a parent this is hard, heartbreaking, exhausting & financially crippling.

In my mind, autism parenting is similar to navy seal training … It makes us stronger than we ever could have imagined, more resourceful, tenacious, focused, loyal & dedicated to making our kids lives the best they can be.

You are the beacon that shines through the meltdowns, sensory issues, isolation, communication complexities, anxiety, sleep deprivation & eating issues.

You are not alone. We have each other & together we can make positive changes in this world for our kids.

You ARE a hero!

A hero of parenting, a hero for your child and for making society better by being their advocate and warrior.

Super heroes do not do tough things because they're easy but because they are hard and they need to be done. It's this strength, fortitude and moral fibre that helps us fight these battles every day and keep pushing forward.

Songs needs to be written about parents like you, like all of us, you are a hero this world needs. Sending you love, support and acceptance today and everyday.

Cheerio Jo


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