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Mastering skills: DOWNLOAD

Updated: May 28

We all want to see children grow and succeed, tho some find it more challenging than others to master a specific skill.

The first step in developing a skill is finding a baseline to measure skill growth against.

Say your child has problems bouncing a ball. Find a quiet space and time your child bouncing a ball for 1 minute. Count the number of bounces and write it, the date and any other key information on the form.

Keep coming back to the same exercise every day, if possible.

After a month, review the progress. If progress and improvement is slow do not be disheartened, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but if progress is at a standstill it would be worthwhile seeking the input and guidance of a trained specialist or therapist.

Here is your FAST & FREE DOWNLOAD the #skill_mastery form.  It may not be all smooth sailing but positive reinforcements with our #rewards chart and praise will keep them on task.

If you have any questions about ASD TOOLS, I'd love to hear from you.

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