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Visual Supports for Autism

Visual supports play a vital role in helping children with autism thrive, offering a colorful canvas of opportunities for enhanced communication, understanding, & overall well-being. Supportive visual schedules, first then (also known as now next boards), visual timers, choice boards & social stories fill the communication gap between what neurotypical kids pick up & neurodiverse kids struggle to notice or comprehend.

Autistic kids love this visual roadmap. Its predictability & structure creates a sense of calm, reducing anxiety & promoting a smoother transition between tasks. This predictability & uncomplicated learning structure, nurtures their confidence & enables them to learn & thrive.

Social stories offer a simple yet effective way to explain complex social situations, encouraging understanding & empathy in both the child with autism & their peers. These stories foster communication & help children navigate the world with greater ease & confidence.

Photos & communication cards also help with this, instantly removing the ambiguity out an illustration or phrase.

Visual supports teach & reinforce any skill from education, daily routine, emotions & self regulation to self care & give our kids the toolset they need to navigate their day more effectively while reducing fear & anxiety of the unknown, which helps them feel calm & stay open to learning new skills.

ASD TOOLS can help you with 90% of all of your visual support needs including visual schedules, visual timers, first then, rewards, choiceboards will be added to the app (free of charge) before the end of the year along with some other exciting additions.

Want to know more, reach out & ask, I'm happy to answer your questions.

What's your favorite visual support? Let me know in the comments below.

Cheerio Jo @asdtools_app

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