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How ASDTOOLS can help you

Do you have a child with autism or developmental delays?

Are you struggling to prevent meltdowns?
Does your child struggle with boundaries and behavior?
Are you struggling with transitioning from one activity to the next? 
Are you looking for a way for to help them stay calm?
Are you finding it hard to create structure and routine for your child?
Are you looking for ways to teach them in a way they understand?
Do you want to support and help your child learn?
Are you hoping for calmer, easier days at home, school and therapy?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then ASD TOOLS can help.

For a single purchase price, not a subscription like other Autism apps, ASD TOOLS is yours for life. All features included. No in-app purchases. All updates are also free. 

ASD TOOLS acts like training wheels for a bike. It's their safety net to learn new strategies and master them while being gently guided, at their own pace, they learn new skills without the fear of failure. This is a proven system which will grow with your child for many years, supporting them as much or as little as they need at their level until they no longer need support. 

ASD TOOLS helps you to help them streamline their day, focus on the important things so that they can learn, regain their lost ground and have a brighter future.

The app's toolkit has been developed from demonstrated and proven strategies which therapists use everyday to gently guide and help kids learn at their own pace.  These strategies act as a safety net for neurodiverse kids thrive within because it helps make the day predictable for them, it teaches them in a way they can comprehend and supports them in transitioning smoothly from one activity to the next and motivates them for their effort.  Together this helps kids stay calm, motivated to learn and pushing themselves to keep learning more.

Happy 2024 ASD Family!


If you're anything like me, you're wondering where 2023 went and amazed we are in Autism Awareness Month already.

Much love to all of you who completed my recent survey, so many great suggestions so thank you every one of you for your time and helping me shape the next update into one that is sure to make your day easier.

Exciting news from me on a few fronts:

  • You will have seen my website update along with a new LOGO. This will be folded out into the new app icon in the next update. I will do a post about it soon on my Instagram feed @asdtools_app

  • ASD TOOLS and I have been nominated as a Finalist in this year's Australian Small Business Awards for the 2nd year in a row (please keep your fingers crossed for me)

  • There is now an ASD TOOLS Pinterest board follow the links using the Pinterest icon in the header 

  • New walk thru and stimming videos are available on YouTube, follow the links using the YouTube icon in the header 

  • The next app update was released a few weeks ago to keep in sync with Apple's updated operating system. Yes it's a thing, so being proactive, I've addressed that quickly so that you don't have any issues

  • The next update is well under way and adding those long anticipated Choice boards is becoming a reality

As always, any issues, bugs in the app, questions or feedback, please email me using the contact form below.


Wishing you a fab day and a wonderful Autism Awareness Month.


PS: Please follow me on Instagram @asdtools_app

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