ASD TOOLS  update coming

* Safe backup system only you have access to
* Expanded image library
* Expanded audio libarary
* In-timer audio (an ASD TOOLS first) 
  to reduce your child's startle response

* Expanded rewards
* In-app help feature


  • Use your NDIS Funding 

  • Self managed Download it & lodge your iTunes receipt to claim

  • Agent Managed Ask your agent or therapist to grab it for you

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Latest news

The Western Australia Government contacted us recently to tell us they are adding ASD TOOLS to the list of recommended apps for schools in the state, thanks WA!


Our app is in the final stages of redesign and we have added so many of your requested features, plus added some exciting new tools to your toolbox,, you are going to love it, all free of charge of course, to amplify your impact and ease of use.


The deliver date has blown out a tad, sorry about that, because of this horrid Corona virus situation but we will keep you updated as soon as we have a date ourselves.

If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with us we would love to hear from you.

Until the next update .... cheerio



About Us 

At our core we are a group of ABA therapists and special eduction teachers who have collaborated with world renowned Autism Therapists, early intervention Specialists and Occupational Therapists to create a digital solution to the physical limitations of autism therapy tools. 

All our work is based upon current EVIDENCE BASED systems rooted within #ABA, #TEACCH and #Hanen.  We have selected techniques and tools that have fast results and have globally proven results supporting them.


Our tools keep improving because of the valued input and we seek from from parents, teachers and individuals on the spectrum along with integrating evolving therapy techniques and research.

#ASD_Tools empowers teachers, therapists and parents alike in facilitating structured, positive communication and growth with our safe, engaging structure allowing kids to challenge themselves in the safety net of predictability.

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Reviews & Testimonials