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Experiencing crashes?
Most crashes occur because of these two reasons ... 


  1. PROBLEM  App crashes.

    POSSIBLE REASON  There isn't enough space on your device for the app to run.

       Delete all unwanted data from your device including ASD Tools. Sync your device with your computer, then reload.


  2. PROBLEM  App crashes or won't run properly.

    POSSIBLE REASON  Occasionally an iOS upgrade will cause problems with apps.

    SOLUTION  Delete ASD Tools, update your iOS if needed, sync your device with your computer, then reinstall ASD Tools.


Still having issues?

Most Use the form below to contact me. I'm here and very happy to help you get up and running quickly.

If you are the first person to FIND A BUG or a repeatable glitch, let us know and we will send you an eGift Card as a thank you.  So what are you waiting for ... start searching now.
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Find a bug?
We want to know

Thank you for helping us improve ASD TOOLS

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